What is salary of a React developer?

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Today, React is the most popular and in-demand front-end
development library. A majority of large corporations, startups, and businesses are either using React or planning to hire React developers. React developers are also one of the highly paid developers compare to similar technology. If you’re a Full Stack Developer with React (MERN stack – MongoDB, Express, React, and Node), you can easily get a job in any metropolitan area.

Entry level React developers make between $43,500 to $111,000. Average nationwide React Developer Salary is $80,48 but in large metros such as Boston and New York, MEAN developer salary can be more than
$125k a year.

According to ZipRecruiter, the salary of a React developer is $108,175 a year.  

As of Nov 27, 2020, the average annual pay for a React Developer in the United States is $108,175 a year.

The highest paying cities in the US for React developer jobs are in CA, MA, and NY. As you can see from the following data, Sunnyvale, CA pays more than $136k a year for a React developer.

Top 10 cities for React developer jobs pay more than $120k a year.

Again, the salary of a React developer depends on how much experience a developer has. If a developer is a senior developer but still doing React programming, he/she may likely to get paid much higher than a React developer who has just 3 years of experience.

Other factors that may affect React developer salaries include company, location, sector, and even a project. For example, if finance focused company in same city may pay lot more for a React developer compare to a company focused on education or non profit.

React full stack developer

A full stack developer with React experience is more likely to get higher salary compare to a front end React developer.

Small vs large corporation

Depending on the domain knowledge, a large corporation such as Google or Facebook is more likely to pay a lot more for a React developer than a small business that does not have a lot cash to pay.

Domain knowledge may also impact the React developer salary a lot.


This article reported React developer salaries in various areas of the US. While these numbers give an idea, the exact salary of a React developer may vary from company to company, location, number of years of experience, domain knowledge, and even a project.

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